About us

Welcome to St. Mark School

We are children, gifts from God. Born to learn in faith and trust.
Show us boldly where to start. Lead us on St. Mark!

Mission Statement

By working as a team, in the best interests of "the Child", we at St. Mark School commit ourselves to developing a Christian Learning Community. Children, staff and parents are encouraged to grow in understanding of themselves and the world around them.

Patron Saint

Saint Mark

Saint Mark was converted by Peter and accompanied him to Rome, acting as his secretary or interpreter. The Roman people begged Mark to put the accounts of Peter’s frequent talks on our Lord’s life into writing. He did this, under the direction of Peter some time before the year 60. He is represented by a lion because his Gospel begins with St. John the Baptist, “The voice of a lion crying in the desert.” The feast day of St. Mark is April 25.

Source: Lovasik, S.V.D., Rev. Lawrence New Picture Book of Saints. Catholic Book Publishing Company, New York, New York (1979).